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This game is dedicated to Nada & Michael Harrison, Colleen & Trevor Siegele, without whose support Powerslide would never have been made. Jim Perkins, Mike Bartholemew, Todd Colletti and Dave Adams whose confidence in Ratbag and Powerslide inspired many.


The story

Early in the 21st century, the ozone layer disintegrated. Surprise! As the price of sunscreen skyrocketed, any species not turning a profit in the global marketplace soon found themselves unable to pay for UV protection. Bees, flies, and all the other creepy-crawlies got their sensitive eyes fried. No bees, no pollination. No pollination, no crops. No crops, starving humans. Starving humans, global war. It would have made a great movie, but the entertainment market is in recession, owing to the 99% decrease in consumers.

Anyway, after all the famines, fighting and nuclear fallout, after six billion people bowed out of the human comedy, what was left of humanity’s dross and scum clung tenaciously to life on the earth’s scorched surface.

Underground, away from the burning sun, wealthy corporations formed huge cities and began a new existence. Like human termites, they now live in totalitarian conditions, each performing their role in the hive. Comfortable but caged, these corporations have a very middle-class obsession with cleanliness and order, almost as if to deny the calamity that they caused above ground. On the surface, feral and feudal clans slave, sweat, fry and die under the ultra-violet radiation. Unaffectionately referred to as ‘upside fry-babies’ by the Corporates, they barely manage to eke out their barbarous existence, imperiled by pollution, pestilence and plague.

The decimation of billions of people is tragic, but the cars they left behind are an entertainment opportunity too good to refuse. Now, lawless gangs of feral joyriders race through deserted streets and countryside, docklands, sewers, and multi-level parking lots. Slapping together grunt machines of awesome power, they have become known as Powersliders.

Until recently, Powersliding was an illicit venture for an abusive and exclusive bunch of psychotic motor lunatics. Although it started as an exclusively feral pursuit, and banned by most Corporations, a bunch of Corporate rebel racers have recently joined the action and brought their radical new technology to the contest.


The Prizes

In a bitter irony, one of the only forms of vegetation to thrive in the ultraviolet ray-ravaged and hopelessly polluted landscape is the brussel sprout. Fruit has become a prize so rare that dozens have fought and died for the sake of a single bunch of bananas.

The glittering prize, the tantalizing impetus that inspires the drivers to feats of suicidal danger, is the obscenely rich trophy that Powersliding offers: Fresh Fruit.



System requirements

Recommended configuration

Multiplayer requirements

* Access to is subject to the terms and conditions of
SegaSoft's subscription service

Supported Input Devices


Installing the game

Put the Powerslide CD in the CD drive with label side up.

If you have Autorun enabled, Autorun will automatically launch the install process as soon as you insert the CD.

If you do not have Autorun enabled, open the Start menu and click on Run. In the command line type D:\SETUP.EXE (Note, if the CD drive is a letter other than D, such as E, substitute that letter for D in the command line. For example type E:\SETUP.EXE)

Follow the on-screen prompts to set up the game. Setup defaults to C:\Program Files\Ratbag\Powerslide. You can choose to install the program in any other folder by selecting browse and choosing a different location.

If you do not have the latest API installed (Direct X 5 or 6 ™ and Glide if you have 3Dfx) the installation program will prompt you to install it. (The game won’t run without one of these APIs installed). Once you have installed the API you will need to reboot your computer. The installation program will give you the option to reboot.


Starting the game

Start the Windows system.

Insert the Powerslide CD ROM in your drive. The CD must stay in the drive at all times during gameplay.

  1. If you have Autorun enabled, Autorun will automatically launch Powerslide.
  2. You can also start the game by opening the Start menu from the tool bar and selecting Powerslide from "Programs," and selecting Powerslide from the submenu.
  3. Double click the Powerslide shortcut on the desktop.

You can configure the game to your preferences the first time you launch it. Powerslide will run a default group of settings if you choose not to set your own.


Command Summary

The pre-game selection screens can be only be navigated with a mouse. Highlight options by rolling the cursor over the desired text. Select by clicking (left button) the highlighted option.

Driving the Cars
Action Keyboard Mouse Joystick Wheel
Turn Left Left arrow Move mouse Move stick Left Turn wheel left
Turn Right Right arrow Move mouse Move stick Right Turn wheel right
Accelerate Up arrow Left Mouse Button Push forward Accelerator
Brake Down arrow Right Mouse Button Pull Back Brake
Handbrake Left Control Left Control Button 5 Button 5
Change gear up x Keyboard x Button 1 Button 1
Change gear down z Keyboard z Button 2 Button 2
Half lock steering Left Shift Not applicable Not applicable Not applicable
General In-game Functions
Quit Escape key Escape key Escape key Escape key
Pause Pause key Pause key Pause key Pause key
Change view Space bar Space bar Button 3 Button 3
Cheat toggle Left Alt Left Alt Button 4 Button 4
Cheat Shortcut 0-9 0-9 0-9 0-9
Dashboard on/off F1 F1 F1 F1
Directional arrow on/off F2 F2 F2 F2
Relative Position slider on/off F3 F3 F3 F3
Rearview mirror on/off F4 F4 F4 F4
In-game chat (multiplayer) F5 F5 F5 F5


Enter Name

The name you enter on this screen will show up in highscore tables and multiplayer chat screens. To enter your name, type up to ten letters/numbers on your keyboard and hit <enter>. To change your name later, you can access this screen through the options menu.


If you’re ultra smart or ultra impatient or just want to cut to the race, enter your name and go straight to the "race" button on the main menu. The game will select the car, track, character and level of difficulty for you.

Main Menu

The main menu bar appears across the bottom of your screen. There are six options on the main menu bar:

You can access any of these areas during the pre-game and post game periods. On the initial ‘mode’ screen select single player or multiplayer.


Single Player Mode

Initially you must choose the Novice difficulty level. As you win your way through the Championships you will be able to access the higher levels of difficulty. If you select Championship mode, the level of difficulty will determine which Championship you race. In other race modes, like Single Race the level of difficulty will determine the how good your AI competitors are.


Race mode

There are three different race modes in Powerslide:


There are four levels of Powerslide Championships. Each level is made up of a predefined number of tracks and group of opponents. You can win a Championship by accumulating more points than your opponents over the series of races. This means you don’t have to win every race to win a Championship, you just have to do better overall than all of your opponents.

More tracks are unlocked after you win Novice and Advanced Championships. More cars are unlocked after you’ve won the Advanced and the Expert Championships.

The Championship levels available to you will be highlighted. The object of the game is to win the Expert Championship. If you’re a real psycho (glutton for punishment), you can try out the Insane Challenge.

You cannot win championships or set records if you have cheats turned on, or if you are using the supercar.

The Championships are made up of the following tracks:

Novice Championship
Track Length Opponents
Sand Blaster Medium average
Speedway Very short average
Dam Track short average


Advanced Championship
Track Length Opponents
Sand Blaster Medium smarter
Speedway Very short smarter
Dam Track short smarter
Devil’s Elbow Medium smarter
Mineshafted Long smarter


Expert Championship
Track Length Opponents
Sand Blaster Medium scary
Speedway Very short scary
Dam Track Short scary
Devil’s Elbow Medium scary
Mineshafted Long scary
The Freezer Long scary
Urban Brawl Medium scary
Nutopia Medium scary


The Insane Challenge
Track Length Opponents
Sand Blaster Medium Insane
Speedway Very short Insane
Dam Track short Insane
Devil’s Elbow Medium Insane
Mineshafted Long Insane
The Freezer Long Insane
Urban Brawl Medium Insane
Nutopia Medium Insane


Bonus Tracks
Track Available
Stunt Track After Advanced
Luge After Expert
Aztec Multiplayer only
Seven Multiplayer only


Point Scores awarded
Position Score
First Place 10
Second Place 7
Third Place 5
Fourth Place 3
Fifth Place 2
Sixth Place 1


Since the Tracks are predefined in a Championship, you can’t select tracks in this mode.


Car selection
Select the car icon in the main menu bar to access the car selection options.

You have four cars to choose from when you start out Powersliding. You can choose from the sophisticated corporate vehicles, which run on a newly developed fuel, or the feral grunt machines, which still burn good old gasoline. The corporate cars are the Orc and the Sabre, the feral machines the Big Heaver and the Warthog.

Powerslide cars use true physics and perform differently in different environments, so you should experiment with all of them to determine which car gives you the best performance on each track.

When racing a Championship, you won’t be able to change cars between races. You’ll have to race the one car for the entire Championship.

If you win the Advanced Championship, you’ll unlock two more cars. When you win the Expert level you get the Supercar – but can you handle that much power?

Character Selection
After selecting a car, you can choose which character you want to play. Each car can be driven by a number of different racers. You can distinguish between them on the track by each character’s distinctive paint job. Check out character profiles by clicking on the option below the character list which allows you to view character by profile.

There are 32 drivers in the Powerslide competition. You will only be able to see the drivers in the Championship divisions you’ve won access to. As you win more Championships you will gain access to the descriptions of more drivers.

Transmission Selection
Select automatic or manual and the screens will advance to the starting grid layout.

Starting Grid
This screen tells you who your opponents are and where they are on the starting grid.


Single race
If you choose Single Race you will need to select a track to race as well as a car to race in.

Track selection
When the game begins, you have access to three tracks. As you win different Championship levels, more tracks will become available to you.

Powerslide lets you drive anywhere you want in the environment. You can stick close to the tracks or you can drive off and explore, maybe find a faster line, or an area for stunts – you never know what might be around that next corner. You’ll get different traction on different surface types, so expect some sliding and spinning out on the ice and mud!

After you have chosen a track, you will advance to the car selection screens.


Time Trial

Time Trial mode lets you practice on a track without opponents. You can’t set any lap records in this mode, but you can get a feel for the tracks and figure out how to really nail those corners. Select the track, car and character just like you do in Single Race mode.


Handicap Mode

You get one last race mode in Powerslide. In handicap mode, depending on exactly how fast you think you are, you can opt to give the rest of the field a head start. Select handicap mode from the options menu. Choose Race Options, and handicap delay appears in the menu on the left of screen. Choose the number of seconds head start you’ll give the field. You can give a maximum of 9 seconds.



The following options are located in the options menu.

If you are a total speed freak, you can turn off some of the graphics features to make your game run faster. You should be aware that the game will not look as good.

The game will default to the driver you have installed on your computer. There are four driver options:

For each driver there are a number of options which can be turned on or off.

Each driver allows you to change the screen resolution. Having a lower resolution may help the game to run faster.

For Glide2 and Banshee drivers, you can also turn the particles and the shadows off. For some 3Dfx cards using Glide 2 and Banxhee Drivers, you will be given the option of turning Specular Highlights on or off.

For software drivers there are other options you can turn on or off.

If you turn scanline interleaving on, only every second scanline will be drawn. This may make the game faster, but will definitely affect the look of the tracks and cars.

If you turn double buffering off, the game may go faster, but you may also see some tearing in the images.

Using the letterbox option will give you a wide-screen version which takes up less space on your screen.

Turning off track lighting and car lighting will give you a speed boost, but the tracks and cars will appear flatter.

For Direct 3D, if you have more than one device installed you will be able to select which one you wish to use.

The options include particles and shadows and a choice of filtering between Bilinear (smooth), Trilinear (smoother), Bilinear mipmapping (which uses lower detail textures in the distance) and Point.

You can change the following settings for sound by highlighting and selecting either

You can alter the volume, using the slider provided. One slider is for sound effects, one for music. Adjust the slider using the arrows next to the slider box.

To change the music you hear on each of the race tracks, highlight the race trackname, and the music track number will show in the box at the bottom of the screen. To change the music, cycle through the available music tracks using the arrow buttons. You can listen to the music you have selected by hitting the ‘play’ button on screen.


Input device selection and configuration

Controller Options
Select Input devices from the Options sub-menu. The keyboard option appears in the top left corner of the screen. Use the arrows next to it to scroll through to Mouse or Joystick/Wheel/Joypad.

The possible actions are listed on the left, and the assigned key/button/axis on the right.

In keyboard configuration, select the assigned key you wish to change. A message will appear at the bottom of the screen telling you to press a key to reassign to this action.

If that particular key is unavailable because it is already assigned, you will be given a warning message at the bottom of the screen.

In mouse configuration you will not be able to change the left/right action, as these are assigned to the mouse.

The top four options in this screen are assigned to various axes. To change these press a key or mouse button to assign it to an action, or move the joystick in that direction, or press a joystick button. You then need to press <Enter> to confirm your choice.

The bottom three cannot use an axis, and so you are only required press the key/mouse button/joystick button to assign an action.

Force feedback
This option only shows for joysticks and wheels and will be disabled if the device is not force feedback. You can choose to turn it on or off if it is an option for your device.

Calibrate controller
Calibration is done via the windows control panel interface. You will need to select Game Controllers from the Windows Control Panel menu and follow the prompts.

Race Options

Speed Display
Select Miles per Hour or Kilometres per Hour

The dashboard is shown in a bar across the bottom of the screen. This display shows your position, lap number out of total laps, total race time, and current gear. You can turn the dashboard on or off using the F1 key. If turned off you will get full screen racing.

There is a relative position indicator which can be turned off separately to the dashboard (using the F3 key). On this indicator your car remains stationary and other racers’ position relative to you is shown by moving .

Rear View Mirror
You can choose to turn the rear view mirror on or off. Having it on will affect graphics performance. It can be toggled in-game using the F4 key.

Directional Arrow
The arrow that indicates which was the track ahead turns can be turned off. You can toggle this on and off using the F2 key.

Number of opponents
In single player mode, the game will default to seven AI opponents. You can choose to race against more or less opponents in a Championship, and Single Race. You race against no opponents in Time Trial. Set the number of opponents by using the arrows next to the number display.

The number of opponents affects graphics performance. If you choose more cars the game may run more slowly.

Change Name
You can change the name you entered at the start of the game using this screen. Type in the name you wish to use and hit <enter>. This name will be shown on the highscore table, leader board and Championship tables as well as recorded for any race records, fastest laps and trophies.

Trophy Fridge
Every time you win a Championship, win it in a new car, come first in every race in a Championship, beat a Ratbag record or come last in every race, you’ll get another piece of fruit for your fridge.

Win Novice Championship
Win Advanced Championship
Win Expert Championship
Win Insane Championship
Win Expert Championship with each car
Win Insane Championship with each car
1st in every Race – Novice
1st in every Race – Advanced
1st in every Race – Expert
1st in every Race – Grand Master
Beat Ratbag fastest laps & win race
Booby Prize (last in every race)


Cheat codes are hidden around most of the tracks. You get a cheat code for winning the Novice and Advanced Championships. If you want a real challenge you can earn a different cheat code each time you win the Expert or Insane Championships using a different car.

To use a cheat code just type it in while racing. To apply the cheat again or toggle it on and off use the cheat toggle key or button. To switch rapidly between previously entered cheats use the numbered keys "0" – "9". Note that some cheats will alter the function of your steering wheel, accelerator, brake, handbrake, and gear change as well as requiring use of the cheat toggle key. Some cheats affect your car only and some cheats affect other cars. Feel free to experiment and see what you can do. You can see a reminder list of the cheat codes you have discovered by choosing Trophies under the Options menu, and selecting "view cheats".

You cannot win championships or set records if you have cheats turned on, or if you are using the supercar.


Multiplayer Mode

Choose a protocol.
Select the connection type you wish to make from IPX, TCP/IP, or Modem.

Choose to join or host a session.

Required number of Powerslide CDs
When playing multiplayer, at least every second player will need to have the Powerslide CD in their computer.

Hosting a session
You will first be asked to name your session. Type in a name in the text box that appears and hit <enter>. You do not need to enter IP addresses if you are hosting.

Choose number of opponents
You can choose the number of opponents in a race by using the toggle buttons to the left of the player slots. These are three state buttons. If the button is showing red with a slash through the middle the slot is closed. If the button shows as an empty circle the slot is open for human players to join. If the button shows a computer icon, an AI driver will fill the slot. The game will predetermine which AI driver is used.

As a host you can open and close slots. For your own slot, the toggle button is two state only, and indicates whether you are ready to race or not.

Choose level of difficulty
You can choose the level of difficulty for your session. All levels will be open to select. Your choice will affect which level of AI are in the races alongside the human players.

Choose race mode
You can choose between two different modes:

Single Race and Foxes and Hounds. Foxes and Hounds is the game where one person is chased by the rest of the players. It gives you a chance to use the drive-anywhere tracks to the best advantage – find places to hide, cut other players off at the pass, team up against the fox. The player who catches the fox in turn becomes the fox. The aim is to be the first player to accumulate 4 minutes as the fox.

Choose tracks
You can select tracks by choosing tracks from the bottom menu bar or by clicking the on the track names at the top of the screen.

Change the number of laps by clicking on the arrows at the top of the screen.

Choose Car
The car you choose will appear next to your name in the chat room list. This will also be the case for all other racers. Thus you will be able to tell who the other drivers are in-race, by checking out the list in the chat room screen. Choose a car by using the menu bar at the bottom of the screen or by clicking on the car icon next to your name. This will scroll you through all available cars.

To change options, select the options button on the menu bar. This will take you to the normal options screen. You can return to the chat room screen by selecting what is usually the race button. You can set handicap in the Option screen.

Cheats, Speed Up and Weapons
You can turn cheats on or off by toggling the switch next to cheats at the top of the screen.

You can toggle speed-up between three states - Off, Low and High. Use "speedup" to add speed to the players and AI opponents that are behind the race leader.

Turn Weapons cheats on or off by toggling the switch next to weapons at the top of the chatroom screen.

You cannot select the Race button until all players have indicated they are ready to race.

When you hit the Race button in the main menu bar, a screen will come up showing the starting grid line up. On this screen you will see the names, images and cars of all players.

You can disconnect from multi-player and return to single player mode using the disconnect button at the far right of the menu bar.

You can exit from the game completely from the single player interface.


Joining a session

Choose session
For an IPX connection, a list of the available sessions on the local network will appear on screen. Select the session you wish to join and press <enter>

For a TCP/IP connection, you will be prompted to give the address of the host you wish to connect to. If you press <enter> the game will search for any Local Area Network sessions and you will be given a list of available sessions to choose from.

For Internet connections, you will need to have the IP address of the host of the session. You can have organised this with your friends, or you can go to the Player Database ( and check out the register of players. Find someone who is in your area and email them to set up a time and game, and get their IP address.

Make sure you are connected to your Internet Service Provider.

Open Powerslide, and after selecting multiplayer, TCP/IP and ‘join a session’, a box will appear on the screen for you to enter the host’s IP address. Insert the address of the session you wish to join and press enter. Example IP addresses are "" or "" (Do not attempt to connect to these addresses, as they do not exist.)

For Modems, if you have more than one modem attached to your machine you will be asked to select the one you wish to use. You will be prompted for the phone number of the machine you wish to connect with. Again, you must have the relevant number of the person you will be playing.

Once you have selected a session, you will advance to the chat room. You need to select a car and car skin before you race. Do this by choosing from the car sub-menu or by clicking on the car icon next to your name in the chatroom. When you are ready to race click the toggle button to the left of your name in the chat screen. This will turn green to indicate you are ready to race. If you decide you need to change your car or adjust some of your settings you can click this switch off.


Chat screen
You can talk in the chat room by typing once you have clicked in the chat box. Your message will be sent to other players as you type.

When you are ready to race, click the "Ready?" button. The race cannot start until every player has done this. A green light appears in the toggle button to the left of the player’s name when they are ready.

Race Results
Race results are displayed immediately after the race. Your position, race time and best lap time will be listed in a table along with the car that you drove on the left of screen. The first, second and third placed drivers will be seen on the podium to the right of screen. If you win fruit in a Championship you will be presented with it on the podium.

You can check the leader board and accumulated point scores by using the buttons at the top right of the screen.

Championship Table
If you are racing in Championship mode, your position in the overall Championship will be shown immediately after the race results screen. Points are awarded on the following scale:

Position Score
First Place 10
Second Place 7
Third Place 5
Fourth Place 3
Fifth Place 2
Sixth Place 1


Highscores Table
The 12 best lap times will be displayed in the high score table. You cannot win championships or set records if you have cheats turned on, or if you are using the supercar. The highscore table can be accessed through the Options menu.

Importing and Exporting High Score Tables
You can swap high score tables with friends and other players by choosing the import or export buttons on the bottom left hand side of the screen. To export your high score table, select the export option and type in the file name in the dialogue box provided. To import a table, select the import option and choose from the list of .hi score files that are in your powerslide game directory. When you import a table it will automatically be merged with your own table.

Load your highscore table onto a floppy to swap with friends, or email it. Once you’ve swapped highscore tables, you can import and merge it with your own by placing the highscore file in your powerslide game directory. Then when you race, you’ll be racing to beat your friend’s highscores.



Thanks to: Absolute Quality; AIMIA; AME, Martin Cooper and Liz Rankin; Arthur Andersen: Chris Sharpley, Rachelle Summerton, Kristian Moliere; Adam Lancman and Alfred Milgrom at Beam; Austrade: Nigel Warren, Bob Hunt, Seiichi Saito, Roo Takagi; Brendan McNamara; Brian Bruning; Bruce Bishop, Don Stephens; Col Stone; Dale Roberts; David Ward & Ray McIntosh; Everyone at Singletrac; Fusion Design; Interact; Jessica Young.

More thanks to: Mark Minarelli; Mark Standen; Mark Robertson, Mark Altschwager; Mike Burfield; Milt Barlow; Ngapartji; Paul Wyk; Peter Stobart; Rising Sun Pictures: Wayne Lewis, Gail Fuller, Tony Clark, Steve Roberts; SGI: Dave Savage, John Cranwell, Jon Noonan; Simon Cox; The Business Centre: Susan Andrews, Kevin O’Callaghan; The Digital Precinct, John Hunt; Xenotech, Bob Baker, Phil Harman.

Thanks to all the people at GT who helped make this project a reality: Aaron Younger; Alan Lewis; Cecile Borzakian; Chris Mollo; Doug Dyer; Edward Fong; Eric Pouzet; Gavin Rundle; Graeme Boxall; Harry Rubin; Ilja Doert; Julian White; Martin Good; Mary Gerardi; Matt Broughton; Matt Woodley; Max Taylor; Mike Calleja; Mike Ryder; Paul Fox; Reinhard Nuernberg; Shari Bernstein; Sharon Simmons, Tony Kee; Jesse Smith and Absolute Quality for their rigorous QA.

Extra special thanks to our partners who supported the project: Kate Soininen, Natasha Siemelink, Annette Plant, Daniela Catalano, Francesca Pinneri, Lani Davidson.

And thanks to everyone else who helped in our quest over the last four years.


GT Interactive


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You’ll have access to our FTP (File Transfer Protocol) area where you can download patches and new enhancements as soon as they become available, and an E-Mail area where you can leave us your tech support problems and questions if you do not find your answers within the FAQ.

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If your product information contains Technical Support phone numbers for Europe, you must contact those phone numbers and abide by their warranty policies.


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