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Powerslide the game.
Vehicles: There are Six Class vehicles in Powerslide and one special vehicle. The six class vehicles are split into two groups, the Ferals and the Corporates. The Feral vehicles are the Warthog, Heaver and Pickup. The Corporate vehicles are the Skeeto, Orc and Sabre. The Special Vehicle is the Supercar and it also sports the Corporate label. Each vehicle has its own special handling. Vehicles are rated on Mass, Power, Acceleration, Traction, Top Speed, AeroDynamics and Stability.
The Creators
Powerslide is made by Ratbag, an Australian games developer based in Adelaide.
Follow this Link to
Ratbags Website For more info on powerslide and other great games.
Warthog Skeeto

Heaver Orc

Pickup Sabre